Rendering Wireframe in Maya

1. Setting Render Globals

In the render globals, select mental ray as your renderer

Set all of the common settings (see render settings tutorial here)

Under the Mental Ray tab
- set Quality Presets to Production
- Under General - check enable Contour Rendering check hide source
- set flood color to black set oversample to 40
- set Filter type to Gaussian
- set Filter Support to 2.0
- check "Around Poly Faces"

2. Create the Shader

Create a new Lambert Shader in the Hypershade window

In the hypershade window, go the Graph-> Input and output Connections Select the Lambert2SG, and press control-A for the Attribute Editor

In the attribute editor for that shader group, under Contours
- check "enable Controur Rendering"
- set the Color to white Set the Alpha to 1
- set the Width to .3 (this adjusts the thickness of the mesh)

Apply this shader to the object and Render

Joshua Mosley 2008