Rendering Toon Boom Projects in PC Lab

1. Are Your Composition Settings Correct?

Before you export, make sure that your scenes frame rate matches the playback frame rate you have been using. For instance, if you have been animating at 16 FPS, you may still have your Scene-Scene Settings frame rate set at 24FPS.. Your movie will match the FPS of your scene. To adjust go to Scene->Scene Settings and change the FPS to match your intent.

2. Export Frames

File->Export a sequence of tga or tif frames. On windows in our labs there really is no good format for movies that doesn't degrade the image or mess with color. It would be best to export these to the D drive so you can acheive reasonable playback later from Premiere or Aftereffects.

If you will be working with sound, usually Premiere is the way to go, if you want to do complex compositing and retiming, Aftereffects can be easier. Depending on which one you choose follow one of the links below.

Tutorial for Setting for Aftereffects
Tutorial for Settings for Premiere

Joshua Mosley 2018