iMac for Exhibitions

General Setup

The exhibitions iMac can play Prores files at 1920 x 1080 at 23.976 or 29.97 - as well as other quicktime formats and frame rates.

It has a solid state drive which allows it to play very large prores files that can be used to span multiple screens or projectors. In order to set this up see this tutorial.

Instructions for setup of iMac

1. Drop your quicktime into the Exhibitions folder on the desktop
2. Command-> i on your file (to get info).. Change “Open with:” to Quicktime Player 7 we have both quicktime player and also quicktime player 7 pro installed quicktime Player 7 can loop and set the movie to go into full screen automatically
3. Open your movie from the exhibitions folder - it should open in quicktime pro 7 - if it doesn’t return to step 2
4. Command-> j to open the movie properties. Click on the Presentation Tab - check (Auto Play when opened) and (Enter Fullscreen) go to the menu View-> and set the movie to loop go to File->Save to lock in these changes.
5. Go to the apple menu -> System Preferences choose Users & Groups click on FineArtsExhibitions - and select the Login Items Tab Use the + to add your movie This makes the movie open upon power failure or restart.
6. If you are using the matrox to map your movie across multiple screens - go to the display menu to select the proper resolution.. 2 screens = 3840x1080, 3 screens = 5760 x 1080 or 3846 x 720

Joshua Mosley 2015