Authoring a Simple Looping DVD

This tutorial covers the process of authoring a DVD with Adobe Encore.

This tutorial covers the process of authoring a DVD. The DVD video disc has a resolution of 720x480 pixels and can include surround sound or stereo sound. They can be encoded at 23.976 or 29.97 FPS.

A BluRay disc can be authored to have a resolution of 1920x1080, 1280x720 or 720x480. If you are encoding HD video for an installation - Blu-ray is the way to go. They can be encoded at 23.976 or 29.97 FPS.

If you are making a disc for a grant or screening application, a DVD may be required.

You will need a "DVD-r" disc. These can be purchased from the computing connection. A good deal is to buy verbatim dvd-r from B&H - these can be printed on with an inkjet printer.


1. Starting a new project

When you open Encore - you are asked if you want to start a DVD or BluRay project. This can be changed later - in case you want to build a High Definition blu-ray disc at a later date.

Match the settings to the image below.

2. Programming the Disc

You should start with the highest quality source that you have. ProRes on the mac, or an Quicktime in the Animation codec is best.

Import your movie - File-> import as asset.

Click on the footage in the Encore project window and go to Timeline-> New Timeline.

In the properties window on the right, you will see the properties for the timeline. Click and drag the "pick-whip" next to End action to the timeline - to program that timeline to loop.

If you are looping a short clip many times - and you want the looping to be seamless - it would be better to drag it down to the timeline many times until you have about 10 minutes of material on the single timeline (then loop that timeline).

Click in the empty gray area of the project window below your movie and timeline. Set the properties of your disc in the property window off to the right as follows. This will define a name for the disc and by specifying the first play you will make a disc that automatically plays your track when you insert it into a player. Specify the title button to the same as first play, this way you will avoid an error that sometimes occurs in the burning process.

In the Project tab - click on your movie clip and go to File-> Transcode Settings.

A window will pop up - click on "Edit Quality Presets".

Now click OK. The transcode settings will specify how the video is compressed.

If you have additional clips in the project, you will need to click on them as well and specify the transcode settings in the properties window. It is nice to have a preset in this case so you can apply consistent settings across a project.

3. Transcoding and Burning the Disc

Now Save the project (File->Save)

Click on the "Build" tab in the top left window of the screen.

There are two ways to build - you can either build a disc image or a disc. A disc image is a file that you or someone else can burn to a DVD at a later date to make a videodisc. If you select disc - you will build a disc right now.

Click on Check Project - this will pop up a window - click start- it will be ok if you have done everything correctly. Then close that pop-up - and click build.

You will not be able to build if your DVD burner is not plugged in and turned on.

The burning will take a while because the video will need to first be compressed - then the files will be burned to the disc. You should test your disc to make sure the video is working properly.

If you have trouble at this stage - one tip is to burn a disc image to the hard drive - then load that into this window and then burn the image to the disc. This has solved errors for me in the past.


Check Your DVD on a conventional Player and on Apples DVD player.

Joshua Mosley ©2013