Dune HD from Premiere

The dune-hd video players are an easier high quality solution for video installations. We have 6 small dune-hd 303D players and one dune-hd Max that is capable of outputing up to 7.1 channels of analog audio

These players are capable of playing back high quality HD sound and video. The best settings for the video seem to be to use H.264 and to keep it at a bit rate around 40 Mbps. This is roughly the same settings that we use for blu-ray - but there are optimal settings below for exporting from Premiere or Aftereffects.

Once you have exported your .mp4 file, you will transfer it to a SDHC flash card (they say do not buy ultra high speed b/c there are problems). I have tested the 30MB/s cards and they work well. Then you can put this SDHC card in the dune-hd player - and the file can play off the card.

If you intend to play multiple files, name them or number them so they are alphabetically numbered in the order that you intend for them to play. If you only have one file to loop, put it in a folder with no other files.

Once you insert the SDHC card into the dune and turn it on, you should be able to navigate using the dune remote to storage devices and find the SD card. You can find your file on the card and press play. Once it is playing, press "pop up menu" on the remote, and you can then press "7" on the remote to make this file loop.

The only elements that you may want to customize below are the resolution of the video (if you are working at 1280x720), the frame rate (match your sequence frame rate of 23.976 or 29.97 - or you may be working with surround sound rather than stereo.

Joshua Mosley 2014