BluRay Disc from a Quicktime Movie

Blu-ray is a great format for playing back discs for video installations because the players are innexpensive.

Blu-ray discs are available at the computer connection on campus.

If you are simply going to show a video for a crit, it would be much more practical to export a quicktime from FCP and play a quicktime movie from the hard drive of your laptop. The quality will not vary that much between a blu-ray and a quicktime.

It is best to start with the highest quality original. If you are editing in Final Cut Pro, when you export the quicktime, choose "current settings" and make sure that you are editing in Prores or DVCproHD, if you are not you could change this in your sequence settings and rerender the timeline.

A two minute video will take about an hour to encode. If you have a 30 minute video - this could take about 10 hours to encode with VBR 2pass.

If your quicktimes frame rate was 10,15, 29.97 or 30fps choose 29.97. If your quicktimes frame rate was 12, 23.976, 23.98 or 24 choose 23.976.

If your quicktimes resolution was 1280x1080 or 1920x1080 choose 1920x1080. Otherwise if your quicktimes resolution was 1280x720 choose 1280x720.

Joshua Mosley 2010