Converting Jpeg Sequence to Quicktime


  • Transfer your files to a folder called "SceneA_Shot01_Take01"
  • Open Quicktime Pro
  • Go to file->Open Image Sequence
    choose the first file in the sequence
    click OK
    from the dropdown choose "10 frames per second"
    press Apple-3 to fit the movie to screen (it will be too big)
  • It is likely that the movie will not play smoothly - the computer will not be fast enough.
  • To Export go to File-> Export
    Give the file a name that cooresponds to the shot
    Click on Options and match the dialogs to the following images.

Variations on Settings

  • Instead of H.264 you may want to use the Animation compressor so that you have an uncompressed version of the project. This will be a very large archival copy of the project, that will be good to have for the future, but will not necessarily play back smoothly.
  • You might want to specify custom dimensions. For example
       For data video projector full screen
          1024x768 (4:3 ratio)
       For DV video (final cut and imovie)
          720x480 DV choose the preset "NTSC 720x480 4:3"
       For web video any of these sizes are pretty good
          640x360 (16:9 ratio)
          450x254 (16:9 ratio)
          320x240 (4:3 ratio)
          400x300 (4:3 ratio)
Joshua Mosley ©2010