Exporting Video from Premiere

Premiere Sequence Settings

Before you begin - it is best to have a folder on the local D drive (or your external hard drive) where you keep your Premiere projects and all of the associated sounds, images and videos. This way the footage wont become unlinked.

Create a new Premiere Project (File-> New Project), then create a new sequence (File->New->Sequence).. Choose the AVCHD 1080p24 setting for my animation courses.

Open Premiere->Preferences and set the "media" preference of "indeterminate" frame rate to 23.976... From here forward any footage you import will be the correct frame rate..

If you have already imported frame sequences and want to set their frame rates, then right click on the footage in the project window-> modify->interpret footage and set the frame rate to 23.976.

To Import your frame sequences go to file->Import and click on ONLY the first file in the sequence (CLICK OPTIONS and check the box."frame sequence". This will import the entire sequence as a single clip.

Frame Sequence or Movie ? For my Computer Animation or Hand Drawn courses using toon boom or harmony- you should be exporting png, psd, or tif frame sequences because we do not have a better production oriented movie format that works between these programs and premiere no the windows platform. For my mixed media animation course, if you are using full size jpgs or .cr2 raw files from Dragonframe, these are always a pain to work with in premiere because they often should be color corrected, scaled and cropped, and for these functions After Effects is much better.

When you drag your first clip from the project window to the sequence it Premiere will ask you if you want the sequence to match the settings of the clip. Assuming that your frame rate has been set properly to 23.976 (see above) you should choose to match the settings of your clip.

Premiere Export Settings

1. In the Premiere, select the sequence that you'd like to render in the project window.
Go to File->Export->Media
set format type to H.264
              set preset to Vimeo 1080p HD or 720p depending on whether your source is 1920x1080 or 1280 x 720 (you gotta scroll down to find it)              
              Change the "Output Name" to a location to render to.
              Change Bitrate Encoding to CBR - keep Mbps at 16
              If you don't have/want audio, uncheck "Export Audio"
              Select "Use Maximum Render Quality" at the bottom of the page.

5. Click Export to begin render.

Joshua Mosley 2018