Premiere - P2 FCP Settings for P2 Card


The Full instruction manual is available here,
the basic settings we use are below.

1. If you are going outside, charge the camera batteries.

2. Check that the Scene dial on the back of the camera is F6
3. On the side of the Camera
 - Set Auto/Manual to Manual
 - Set focus to A (auto)
 - Set Gain to Low (unless its really dark)
 - Turn ND filter to off (unless it is very bright outside)
 - Using the lcd screen, turn the iris dial until you have a good exposure
 - set white balance to A, then whitebalance on a white piece of paper by pressing the AWB button on the front of the camera.
4. Under the lcd screen, press zebra repeatedly until it says Zebra 1 100%
5. Also under the LCD screen, if you are not using external microphones - you want to use the onboard microphone, set the CH1 and CH2 audio inputs to INT(L) and INT(R).
6. Check through the menu to see if the settings are as follows, correct any problems that you see - especially important is the rec format under recording setup.

Before you Begin
Joshua Mosley ©2014