Preparing Video for Maya and Matchmover

1. Trim Video

1. In quicktime pro player, open your video and trim the clip to the part that you intend to use. Press i and o to select regions that you do not want - then delete. If you need a sample video to track download this file then double click on the file unzip. Open up the file in Quicktime player to continue.

2. Press command->i to get info on the movie and note the frame rate of the video. Ideally you will have shot this at a frame rate that matches the video that you are eventually producing. In our class we will be working at 23.976 or 29.97.

2. Export PNG Sequence

3. In quicktime player, go to file->export.

4. In the dialog box, create a new folder for your sequence (for maya - you should put this folder within your Source Images folder in your Database.

Set the export dropdown to "Movie to Image Sequence" and click on the Options button. Set the Format to PNG, leave FPS blank, and check "insert space before number".

Continue on to Setting up an Animated Billboard in Maya or to Tracking Motion in Autodesk Matchmover.
Joshua Mosley 2010