Canon 5D Mark III Video Settings

If you would like to use the instruction manual it is here.

1. Turn on the camera (1) and turn the mode dial (2) to M.
2. Set the Start/Stop switch to Camera (3)
3. On the top of the camera, press the (WB) button and turn the dial (4) until it is set to auto or a color temperature that matches the light source then press the (5) set button. The little lightbulb is for tungsten lights.
4. Press ISO on the top of the camera, then using the dial (6) on the top of the camera set it to either Auto or set it to a specific ISO. The advantage of setting it to a specific ISO is that you will know whether or not you have enough available light so you don't create grainy footage. Ideally - you will have an iso of close to 100-200 and your shutter speed will be 1/30th or faster.
5. Turn the autofocus switch on the lens to manual - autofocus will not work too well with video.
6. Press menu, (use dials 6 and 4 to navigate)
        under the 1st wrench,
            choose Format (to select hit 5)
            this will reformat the card deleting all images and video
        Use the dial to go to the 3rd camera section of the menu
                    - Set Picture Style to Normal (if you want less contrast)
        Use the dial to go to the 4th camera section of the menu
                     - Set Movie rec. Size to 1920 24 ALL-I
                     - Set Sound Recording to Auto
                     - Set Meter Timing to 4 sec.
        Use the dial to go to the 5th camera section of the menu
                     - Set Time Code to Rec Run if you want it to operate
like a video camera or free run if you want the camera to keep counting up in timecode even when you are not shooting.
6 . Press the Live Video button (3)
7. Press the INFO button until the information pops up along the bottom of the screen.
8. To focus, press the Magnify (7) button twice to 10x, steer around with the (8) joystick, and then manually focus the lens.
9. To control the exposure and depth of field, use the 6 and 4 dials to adjust fstop and shutter speed.
10. To control color settings, you can press (9) and pick a preset or fine tune. In class I suggested using Neutral - because it doesn't oversharpen or kill your blacks.
11. To start or stop shooting press the set button (3) on the back of the camera.

Joshua Mosley ©2015