Multipage Animation Scanning

1. Batch Scanning

1. Close all other applications and all other photoshop files
2. Make a folder on the session drive with the name of your sequence
3. Launch Photoshop and the scanning software (file->Import).
4. Place your first drawing in the top corner of the scan bed.
5. Click on the preview button
6. Adjust the scan area box to include pg. number and the outline.
7. Choose Color Photo 24bit color, or 8 bit greyscale
8. Set the resolution to 200 DPI
9. Hit Scan, when it finishes put the next drawing on the bed
10. Repeat step #9 (ninety-nine times.)
11. Close the scan window

2. Saving

12. Open the action palette click on the post-it note at the bottom of the action window
13. Give the Action the name "RotateCCW"
14. Go to Image->RotateCanvas, Rotate CCW 90 degrees
15. Click on the Square Stop button in the action window the action is now created.
16. Restore the image rotation so that it is back to normal. Go to Image->RotateCanvas, Rotate CW 90 degrees
17. Go to file->Automate->Batch match the settings in this image. When you hit save you will get 100 messages to save the file, hit enter to say ok. BE Patient, wait for the dialog box to appear before hitting enter. Make sure that it is saving the files as photoshop files.

3. Importing to AE

18. Open Aftereffects
19 . File -> import, then find the first file… STOP, make sure to check the sequence check box.
20. Click on the footage in the project window and press Ctrl-F
21. Change the frame rate to 10 fps - and check the length of the footage in the project window.
22. Drag the footage down to the timeline and it will create a composition of the perfect length.
23. Go to the Composition Settings, and change the presets to "HDV/HDTV 720/29/97", but change the frame rate to 10 fps.
24. Add any effects - such as "Levels" to the layer. I apply a levels effect from the effect menu.
25. If you paper is white, and you want to maintain detail - Set the output white to 240. This will maintain the details in the highlights and the shadows.
25. Proceed to the After Effects HD Comp/Render Tutorial.

Joshua Mosley ©2015