Canon C100 Mark II Video Settings

If you would like to use the instruction manual it is here.
The tutorial is great - Penn Students can enter through this site and look for "Checking out the C100 menu options"

When you check out the c100 kit - it will include the Ninja Blade. The Ninja is a monitor with a 1TB hard drive that records a very high quality ProRes quicktime as you shoot. The camera is very good on its own using SD cards with these specs. The disadvantage of shooting on SD cards is that the footage is recorded as a mp4 or as h264 - and this is a highly compressed format that has quite a bit of noise. You can either use an SD card like this one.

Setting up the Camera

1. If you plan on recording to the SD cards see the specs above. You can use either one or two cards. These cards need to be inserted into the back of the camera - and then you need to close the card door in order to record.
2. On the viewfinder - press the menu button and set the following options
         Camera - the default options are OK
         Audio - These options are greyed out -switches on camera front
         Video Setup - Turn on HDMI timecode and HDMI Rec Command (this triggers ninja)
         Other Functions
                   - For general shooting - set Movie format to AVCHD
                            Set AVCHD settings to 24Mbps LPCM and Frame rate to 23.98
                   - Set the System Frequency to 59.94
                  - If you want to shoot high speed - and if you are not using the Ninja                                                          set AVCHD settings to 28Mbps LPCM
                            You can only shoot 59.94 fps at 28Mbps
3. Other things to check
-The ideal ISO is 320 - higher ISOs will have more grain
-The auto focus works pretty well - set this on lens
-Auto sound levels should work well - but if you are using microphones you will need to switch the switches on the camera hand and you may need to enable phantom power for condensor microphones.
- You will need to white balance the camera.. Press the WB button to select either A or B - then you can press the button while the camera is pointed to a well exposed white card.

Setting up the Ninja

Our ninja blade has a 1TB internal drive. This internal storage is large enough to record 12 hours of Prores HQ or 18 hours of Prores 422.

1. Connect the ninja to the top of the handle with the articulating arm. Connect the coiled hdmi cable from the camera output to the ninja input.
2. Presently we have a small battery for the Ninja - with a relatively short lifespan. This battery also seems to take a long time to charge. Once its charged connect it to the back of the ninja.
3. Turn on the ninja with the button on the right side of the screen.
4. On the screen press on the time remaining number in the top right of the screen - this will allow you to format the HHD/SSD card.
5. Along the top of the screen make sure it says 23.98, ProRes, 422... If you are shooting green screen or footage that will require heavy color processing you may want to shoot HQ although this will really take much more space on your hard drive.
6. The ninja should automatically start recording when you start recording on the camera.. If it doesn't turn on HDMI timecode and HDMI Rec command on the camera menu while the HDMI cable is not connected.
7. To download the footage - turn off the ninja and camera. Carefully pull the hard drive out of the Ninja and attach it to the docking plate. You will need to plug in both usb connectors to your computer in order to power the plate and transfer the data. Copy the files once this hard drive mounts.

Joshua Mosley ©2015