Partially Transparent Shader using Arnold in Maya

You will need to press 6 on the keyboard to show textures.

To make the object capable of showing transparency, click on the object and command-A for the attribute editor. Under the Arnold settings - turn off opaque

Now it is capable of showing transparency but you will also need to make it preview as transparent in the panel perspective view, go to Renderer->Viewport2.0 and under Performance set the Transparency Algorithm to Alpha Cut.

Finally, you will need to create a shader that has some areas of transparency. In the standard AI shader - turn on thin walled and connect an alpha file to the “opacity” just below thin walled. An alpha file would be a tga, png, jpg or tif file. Generally this is a greyscale file; white represents opaque, black would be transparent, and anything inbetween woudl be translucent. Its also common to use tif or tga images files with alpha channels or png files.

Joshua Mosley 2018