After Effects Color Safe for HD

This is a general guide for insuring color-safe HD video.

Part 1 - Basic Luminosity Adjustments:

1. Download, then double click to unzip it.
    Import the colorsafe.aep project into your project.
2. Open the "colorsafe" composition, and copy the color safe adj layer.
3. Open your Composition in AfterEffects.
4. Press the Home button on the keyboard (rewinds).
5. Paste the adj layer, then drag "colorsafe" so it is the top layer.

*Note: This adj layer will overlay bright colors on top of you image - and will help determine what will be safe when the video is output to Blu-Ray, DVD, HDDVD, or DV tape, or HD tape.

Red or Orange pixels are not safe for broadcast, they will appear completely white on a plasma, lcd or projector with no definition. Green pixels will also appear white, but they are safe, Blue pixels are also safe and are slightly less bright.

If you determine that the video is too bright, you should add another adj layer, just below the colorsafe layer, and apply either a curves or levels to this layer. With levels, i'd recommend taking down the "output white" setting until all of you do not see red or orange dots. With the curves filter, if you are familiar with curves, you could taper off the highlights and lock the other values where they are.

Recently I tested this system of using this adj layer, by rendering an uncompressed quicktime movie, and taking it to a post house, where they passed the output through a HD waveform monitor as we were mastering a tape. The IRE looked perfect on their scope.

Joshua Mosley ©2016