After Effects Color Safe for DV and DVD

This tutorial is a general guide to insuring color-safe video.

Part 1 - Basic Luminosity Adjustments:
1. Open your Final (NTSC 720x480) Composition in AfterEffects.
2. Press the Home button on the keyboard (rewinds).
3. Go to Layer->New->Adjustment Layer
4. Go to Effects->Adjust->Levels (the effect window will pop-up)
5. Set the Output White to 240

*Note: The numbers above have been tested. I rented a waveform/scope and tested these values with a G4, Apple DVDSP and Final Cut 2. They seem to be accurate. Apples mpeg2 encoder sets up video to 7.5IRE whether it needs it or not. The encoder also brightens up the mid tones. If you want your DVD's to match the brightness of your DV tape, you will need to render them with different settings (see above #5-6). To read more about video safe in general, see Creating Motion Graphics, Volume 2 (pp. 316-327).

Joshua Mosley ©2006