Rendering Video from After Effects 720P

1. Are Your Composition Settings Correct?

In Aftereffects, click on the composition in the project window, then under the composition menu, choose composition settings.

For my Maya related courses your comp settings should be generally 720p as decribed below. If you are a MFA student or you are working in ToonBoom, Photoshop or with footage that is 1920 x 1080 and you intend on projecting or showing your work on a LCD panel then you should use the 1080 settings here.

2.Render Settings

1. In Aftereffects, select the composition that you'd like to render in the project window.
Go to File->Export->Add to Adobe Media Encoder Queue
3. In Media Encoder App
set format type to H.264
              set preset to Vimeo 720p           
4. Click on the words "Vimeo 720p HD" to access further settings. In this dialogue box:
              Change the "Output Name" at the top of the screen and set a location to render to.
              Change Bitrate Encoding to CBR - keep Mbps at 12
              If you don't have/want audio, uncheck "Export Audio"
              Select "Use Maximum Render Quality" at the bottom of the page.

5. Click OK, Then to begin render press the small green triangle at the top of the queue window.

Joshua Mosley 2018