Rendering HD720 Movie from After Effects

1. Are Your Composition Settings Correct?

In Aftereffects, click on the composition in the project window, then under the composition menu, choose composition settings.

Your Settings shouldt match the settings below with a few exceptions.

A) if you are working on an animation with a low frame rate - 10, 12, or 15 - then set this in Frame Rate to match. This will generate a smaller file and will simplify editing.
B) You should set your custom duration.
C) If you are making work for exhibition - and want to work with full HD resolution even if it takes a little longer to render and makes a bigger file, you can set your resolution to 1920x1080. You may also use other shapes and sizes.

2. Setting the Render Settings

In Aftereffects, open the Render Que from the Window Menu.

The render queue is a list of compositions that will render when you hit the render button.

1. Drag the composition from your project window to the Render queue.
Set the "Render Settings" to ‘Best’ using the drop-down menu.
    Click on the name of the movie, to check the render location.
3. Click on the word "lossless"
4. Change the format to Quicktime movie.

5. Click on the Format Options
      set the codec to "PNG" if you are in the PCLAB in my Animation Class
      set the codec to "Prores" if you are in my Graduate Video class or working on video on a mac.
     set the quality to ( 70%) if you are in my Animation Class and using PNG
     set the quality to ( 100%) if you are using ProRes
6. Click OK and then Check the Audio Output box only if you have audio.
      if you have audio set sample rate to 48000 and 16 bit.
7. Click OK

Save your Project. Then click RENDER.

Tip: After rendering do not save your project, when you reopen your project, the comp will be queued to rerender.
Joshua Mosley © 2015