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Claymation Supplies:

Claymation Armature Building:

Claymation Character Building:

Claymation Software:

  • Dragonframe - the best software for stop-motion - the industry standard.
  • Stopmotion Pro - pc based animation software (free trial).
  • istopmotion - Mac Based Stop-Motion Software that works with digital still cameras
  • Frame Thief - Mac based stop-motion animation software (free trial).
  • Magpie - Lip Sync Software

Claymation Reading:

Claymation Clay:

For clay, we will use Van Aken - the colors are nice and it is easier to get and less expensive than Caran D'Ache. We will use Magic Sculpt for making armatures and puppets. Van Aken is carried at pearl on South Street.

Caran D'Ache
Van Aken
Magic Sculpt
Sculpey Premo or Super Sculpey
Newplast Plasticene
Vinton Clay
Plasticene / Plastalina
high translucency - due to high wax content?
more opaque
light weight - 1/2 the weight of plasticene
excellent for claymation characters that are human-like --> mostly b/c the translucency works well for skin tones
used in the Will Vinton studios according to Vince Brackberg - Isn't good until it has aged for 2 years.
Best option for parts that will NOT need. We will use this for armature building.
Can be baked hard - so it is good for parts that will not need to flex.
used in Aardmans Animation (but not in chicken run)
becomes slightly shiny when molded
less effected by heat than other clays
nice colors
can contaminate clay color if you do not paint it w/ acrylic
When baked, then it is no longer effected by heat of lights
melts under heat of lights
Hardens in 30 minutes - becomes very hard overnight.

Hardens w/ heat
Super Sculpey stays more workable until heat


$10 per pound

$3 per pound

$23 per quart
$82 per gallon

medium expensive
less expensive
Mister Art, Utrecht or Pearl
Found in the UK?
from Utrecht or Pearl