Functions Form Material Resources
On-line course info:

Parametric Design:

Design Software:

  • Autodesk Fusion360 - Sign up for a student account (if you don't have one)
    • Parameter I/O - Allows you to use parameters from CSV spreadsheet in your project. They do not update as the CSV changes, but can be reloaded.
    • FusionSheeter - connects your paramters to a google sheet
    • Autodesk Slicer for Fusion - extracts cross sections for laser or cnc fabrication
    • Voronoi Sketch Generator - creates sketches with randomized bubble patterns
    • Clone - Only for windows - duplicates, rotates and scales with a repeat for fractal like patterns
  • Artec Studio - Found in the Material Library with 3D scanners, on instructor station in the Addams Animation lab and on the 210 workstation. Powerful tool for editing, reducing and aligning 3D scans.
  • Rhino and Grasshopper
  • OpenSCAD - The Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller
Design Software Utitilies:

  • Mesh Mixer - Application to edit polygon meshes for 3D printing and CNC
  • SVG Nest - web based app that allows you to upload a SVG of many parts and lay them out in an efficient manner for Lasercutting, CNC etc.
  • Sagulator - Web calculator that lets you calculate the sag of MDF, Wood, or Glass
  • Shrinkulator - Web calculator for the expansion of wood species
Material Libraries:

  • Penn Fisher Fine Arts Material Library Penn's new Materials Library is a collection of physical materials (samples) ranging from innovative, new materials to those used in everyday construction and design.
  • UT Austin Materials Lab A multidisciplinary resource dedicated to hands-on and in-depth material investigation, wherever that may take us. Our circulating library of material samples is the largest of its kind in the world
  • RISD Materials & Materiality: Material Resource Center
  • Institute of Making The Institute of Making is a cross-disciplinary research club for those interested in the made world: from makers of molecules to makers of buildings, synthetic skin to spacecraft, soup to diamonds, socks to cities.
Material Online Databases:

  • Material Connexion (access through Penn Library and PennKey)
  • Material District World’s leading platform in the field of innovative materials - empowers innovation by match-making material needs with material solutions.
  • Building Product Index UK online database of building materials, including links to company websites. You can search by company and brand, or by product or material. Requires free registration.
  • GreenSpec Created with government funding so independent of companies or trade, GreenSpec promotes sustainable building products and materials.
  • Working across five environmental sectors, offers the broadest mix of supplier and product information on the market, combined with insightful articles and case studies to keep architects up to date with sector innovations.
  • RIBA Product Selector A leading resource on building products, NBS specification information and RIBA CPD providers with free access to product catalogues, technical documents and contact information of 10480 UK manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, trade associations and construction service providers.
  • Smart Building Index In-depth information on commercial building products - including technical data, sourcing, cost data, project use examples, and downloadable specs, CAD and BIM objects.
  • Transmaterial Online catalogue and expert knowledge of new materials and the latest high-tech and environmentally friendly products. Aims to inspire architects and designers looking to transform the structure, spaces and surfaces of their projects.
  • Materio - Material library in Paris. Requires an account - the staff of our material library have an account but we do not
  • Matweb - Search engine with a lot of
  • Material Selector by Property
Fabrication Processes:

Fabrication Facilities:

Material Safety
Material Sources:

Unique Emerging Materials / Methods:

Fabrication machines and supplies:

  • Micro-mark - Tools, materials and hardware for minature models
  • Little Machine Shop - Small scale machining equipment
  • ToolToday - CNC Router bits and Shapers for Wood, Plastic and other materials. (also great advice if you call)
  • Lakeshore Carbide - Excellent carbide endmills and drill bits for steel, stainless and other metals (and good advice)
  • Precise Bits - Small end mills and dirll bits for plastic, wood, shell, metal and other materials (also very .003" bits..)