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Tutorials for Landscape as Animation:

   Workshop 1

   Workshop 2:

   Workshop 3:

   Workshop 4:

Workshop Links and Clips
(in addition to the discussion and lecture - here are a few of the clips shown in class to review.)

   Workshop 1: Sampling Aleatoric Movement:

   Workshop 2: Abstracting Qualities of Motion and the Principles of Animation

   Workshop 3: Film Language – Principles of Animation for Camera

   Workshop 4: The Experience of Montage in Compositing and Editing


Course References

References - Tools and Methods:

References - History and Theory Landscape Visualization:

References - Samples from the Animation Context:

References - Evolutionary Programming:

References - Source Material Landscape Visualization:

References - Stereo Photography:

Software Used in the Course:

Additional Software - Useful but not covered in course

  • Dragon Stopmotion (Pro stopmotion capture software for Mac and Windows)
  • xfrog - (plant plug-in and plant libraries for Maya, 3dsMax, etc)
  • 3D Equalizer (Film Industry Matchmoving sofware - good with the most difficult blurry shots)
  • Boujou (Film industry and Architectural software - Easy to Use)
  • Autodesk Smoke (Compositing software that is more oriented to a 3D rendering workflow than after effects).
  • 2d3 (UK company that sells software that camera location and estimates 3D data from video)

External Help Links for After Effects:

External Help Links for Maya and Matchmover:

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