The dialog in the animation is constructed from short sampled passages from oral history recordings of Brown and Hayek captured between 1968 and 1978. In the following transcription of the animation, Hayek’s voice is in italics.

when you pass from this concrete society,
where we are guided by what we see,
to the abstract society, which far transcends our range of vision
it becomes necessary that we are guided not by the knowledge of the effect of what we do
but by some abstract symbols.
Now this only symbol which tells where we can make the best contribution is profit.
and in fact by pursuing profit, we are as altruistic as we can possibly be,
because we extend our concern to people who are beyond our range of personal conception

well he has the the concept of free enterprise which I think is so essential
if we were to keep a democratic form of government and progress
as we have for the past two-hundred years

what we are up against is very strong,
and in a sense, justified resistance of our instincts

Texas went into the Union with the United States not owning any land in Texas
We had bid, and was low bidder, on the first phase of this dam
if the dam was going to be completed it had to have another appropriation
so it was a hiatus in the in the reclamation department or the interior
department doing work in states where they had no public land
and that was the thing that Mr. Johnson had to face
and get help among his friends in Washington to continue this dam.

I have by my migrations avoided getting tied up in politics.
In the 20’s England and Austria produced good economists
because they were not involved in policy matters.

Naturally you, your government has had to become more and more a partner of business.
I sure think its got a lot of hazards, and lot of pitfalls and things can happen,
but as you know, they take half the profit,
all your foreign commerce is is dictated by the policy of our state department,
so the philosophy of central government and central control is almost
intercepted, I think, by most the people
and how we can control that,
as you know, is one of the big questions of the day.

The quality of a particular sensation
the attitude of blue, or whatever it is,
is really its position in a system of potential connections leading up to actions.
You could in theory reproduce a, sort of map
of how one stimulus evokes other stimuli and that further stimuli

Although we had never built a ship,
we did know how to organize . . people
and we did have some good electrical engineers
and electrical mechanics and craftsmen from the Marshall Ford days.
we took this on a lump-sum price, which these other contractors had bid in and gotten
We had . . no idea whether that price was high enough to make a profit or not,
but the best we could figure, we could at least break even.
And we took this contract, from this contractor,
the Navy got him to sign it to us
and we went out and bought the land, and built the ways and built the slips,
and was building the ships, this was in early '41.
and when Pearl Harbor came, we built 354 combat ships,
from that period until the war was over.

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