A Vue Production Images

The ball-joint armature for Henry is covered with a latex glove and stuffed with cotton to build up mass. His head, feet, and helmet, and eyeballs were sculpted with an epoxy resin and then painted with acrylic paint.
The clothes were designed and machine sewn. Above is the 3rd revision of a Shirt Pattern designed for Henry.
Scale of Henry. The 1/16" two-holed buttons were fabricated. Hair and mustache is acrylic paint over epoxy resin. Face is sculpted in Caran D' Ache clay which has a higher wax content and can take the heat of the lights.
Shooting Henry with Chroma Key (his reflection is captured in pot). The size of the green screen is minimized to reduce the green halo effect that is caused by green light reflecting onto his contour from the background.
Finished Composite with Bronze.
Henry Shot against a large (20 ft. tall scale) model of George.
The large models were used to guide the swinging movement and to capture the shadows that would later be composited onto the bronze.
Ink wash paintings created on a light table, guided by digital prints of computer animation. (Above) A car pulling into a parking lot sequence of 109 frames.
The Bronze was bathed in reflected light. The tripod is seen at the bottom of the frame on a mechanized track for a slow camera movement. The Shot below is from the perspective of the camera.
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